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Client Reviews

“I received a lot of healing, wisdom, and peace from my time with Alicia. She helped me navigate, identify, feel and heal through years of emotions and perspectives that were heightened by a season of various losses. I can honestly say I wouldn’t be enjoying life as I am today if it weren’t for her guidance!” 

"I hope and pray your journey is to continue to council others in some way, shape or form. You have such a gift. It stems from your heart and it’s honesty mixed with kindness and love. Josh and I are so grateful for YOU and your brief but extremely valuable time in our lives."  

"Growing up in a close nit family can be a blessing but it can also harm you. I lived the best of both worlds. While many family members loved and protected me. Others harmed me mentally, emotionally, verbally and physically. At the age of 8 I accepted the Lord Jesus as my savior however I didn’t develop a real relationship until the age of 18. I was sexually abused at 7 and I was also introduced to pornography. I was emotionally broken and I struggled tremendously. I am thankful to God that through it all his grace and mercy never left me. I thought my life would never change and I could never overcome my fears or struggles. Until I decided to try counseling.


My mentor had advised me to consider it but I was terrified of speaking to a stranger about so many personal things. I was ashamed of my struggles and found my self not being able to talk about it. On October 2017 I decided that I was going to fight. I was going to fight for my life and more importantly fight for my spiritual life. Alicia Cherian became my counselor and I would never forget our session ; I was so nervous but for about 20 minutes I completely vented. I finally found someone who could listen to me, understand me and allow me to cry and vent without judging me. My family would humiliate me at the sight of me crying but Alicia listened..... She prayed with me and in the midst of pain directed my attention to God. 


Alicia helped me make decisions that I would have never made like joining a group for abused women and finally moving out of my home where I felt emotionally and mentally unstable. She helped me understand myself and accept my struggles not as an excuse to sin but as something that would always keep me leaning on the Lord. 


She helped me see life from a different perspective and through my success and failures she constantly reminded me of God love for me. Reassured me that nothing in this world would change His love for me. That his grace and mercy would always be my side. My life is far from perfect but I praise the Lord for putting Alicia in my life to help me see life the way He wants me to see it and to understand that regardless of life’s struggles His  love and grace are sufficient. "

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